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Issue 61 The hard cell The hydrogen economy is now becoming a much nearer-term prospect, and fuel cells will be its pivotal power generation technology. Tanya Weaver reports Graduate Showcase 2008 An exciting and thought provoking showcase of student's work across the design spectrum Waste not want not Laurent Robin-Prevallee of design consultancy Design Bridge challenges designers to do more to help tackle the landfill issue

Issue 62 Travelling light With the global travel industry continuing to grow, Tanya Weaver looks at what innovations Samsonite offers that sets it apart Career moves Paul Rodgers interviews four established designers about their education, design projects, careers and key trends
Common ground Simon Bolton and Lawrence Green discuss the issue of current investment practices in design services in the UK and ponder what can be done to improve the situation

Issue 63 Greater good Adam Mack and Aaron Sklar of IDEO discuss the three tools that will make the strongest contribution when designing for social impact Watt car Tanya Weaver discovers what it took to get a prototype electric super car to the British International Motor Show in an extremely tight timeframe Girl power Gina Reimann of Smart Design reveals a five point plan that can help manufacturers ensure their products are pitched perfectly for the canny female buyer

Issue 64 Alright Gov'nor For over 80 years Pashley has been hand making its bicycles in the heart of Warwickshire. Tanya went along to the factory to see the process first hand Into the light With the recent launch of the NESTA funded report 'Hidden Innovation in the Creative Industries' Lawrence Green and Simon Bolton reveal the forms of innovation that remains 'hidden' in the product design sector Talking sense Tanya Weaver interviews the designers behind Herman Miller's new plug+play table system

Issue 65 Bridging the gap Geoff McCormick discusses how technology companies should be using both insight and empathy to create products that shine Head for heights Paul Edwards discusses how in the aerospace industry design is not being used to its full potential to bring benefit to both passengers and the airline Change of tack Tanya Weaver talks to the course director of a new product design course about how he is going about things a little differently

Issue 66 Call of duty The design and manufacture of Motorola's mission critical communications devices Smooth operator A new breakthrough in assistive technology is bound to make a difference to many people's lives. Tanya Weaver reports on nudrive Packing a punch Good usability can build both the functional and emotional relationship brand owners want to have with consumers and their brands. Nick Dormon reports

Issue 67 Bottom lineTanya Weaver reports on Herman Miller’s latest innovation in work chairs and in our ‘Bums on seats’ report asks some of
newdesign’s readers what they are sitting on in their workplacesEasy rider Tanya Weaver visits Triumph’s UK factory and talks to the product manager about the process of bringing a motorcycle to market Power house Tanya Weaver talks to AME Design about how it ensured that the redesign of an existing power tool brand would appeal to both existing and new customers

Issue 68 At the ready Sam Visser reports on how Asda has managed to achieve maximum visibility in its new ready meal range Highly charged Sam Visser discovers how a new start-up company plans to make a positive difference to the future of energy Built to last Footwear design and development has come a long way due to the investment in sophisticated 3D technologies. Tanya Weaver talks to Timberland to find out more

Issue 69 Clean sweepTanya Weaver ventures up to North East England to see how Black & Decker’s innovation and industrial design teams are working together to create groundbreaking productsHighly charged Sam Visser discovers how a new start-up company plans to make a positive difference to the future of energy Built to last Footwear design and development has come a long way due to the investment in sophisticated 3D technologies. Tanya Weaver talks to Timberland to find out more

Issue 70 Perfect solution Sometimes a product development or brand extension seems so obvious it is hard to believe that it does not already exist. This is exactly the case with the new Dulux range of decorating accessories. Tanya Weaver reports Toy story Having featured Sprig Toys in the London Toy Fair article last year, we were intrigued to find out more about the designers behind these eco-friendly toys are. So, when the ‘Sprig Dream Team’ came to London Mike Farish went along to meet them

Issue 71 In full swing Tanya Weaver talks to Oxylane’s design director about how he went about giving the company a sporting chance Talent spotting The Graduate Showcase 2009, providing a glimpse of the new designers emerging from leading universities and colleges across the UK Sign language Mike Farish talks to the designers responsible for Nokia’s new icon family

Issue 72 Family ties Tanya Weaver talks to Amanda Scacchetti about her role in delivering the next generation of products for the modern parent Turning point How can a brand create a seamless integrated solution that ultimately turns a shopper into a buyer? With brand point management, says Barry Seal Talk shop International designer
Ceri Rocca explores the techniques to create a successful shopping
environment on a credit crunch budget

Issue 73 Riding high Tanya Weaver recently went over to Copenhagen and discovered that there is far more to the city than just bicycles Turning Japanese Having immersed themselves in the Japanese capital for a week, Mike Farish reports on how
Yo! Sushi’s designers came back to the UK full of inspiration for the new restaurantsCourse of action Consumers may have good intentions when it comes to sustainability but Richard Whitehall argues that its design’s role to ensure those intentions are acted upon

front cover

Issue 74 Hive of activity From chicken houses to beehives, Tanya Weaver finds out how an investment in new software will ensure more modern and stylish products for pet lovers everywhere My first Job Newdesign asks a range of successful designers to reveal how they started out in their careers Courses & campus What to Study Where to Study 2009

newdesign front cover issue 75

Issue 75 For real Through a new exhibition at the Design Museum Tanya Weaver finds out why ergonomics is known as the unsung hero of good design Spoonful of sugar Jeremy Van Hill discusses the challenge of moving a medical device from a functional to consumer product Question time Chartered patent attorney Alex Brown answers some of the basic questions designer may have on protecting their designs

newdesign cover issue 76

Issue 76 Trends twenty-ten As we leave the 2000s behind and enter the 2010s, what will the next decade have in store for the product design industry? An international group of product and industrial design consultancies share their views Taking charge From a flash of inspiration to a fully working prototype, Tanya Weaver tracks the design and development process behind Chargem


Issue 77 I Innovation leaders Tanya Weaver finds out more about the Centre for Competitive Design I Page turners What are the main concerns of product designers today? Tim Parsons elaborates I Trade secrets Promoting UK expertise in China


Issue 78 I Degree shows What's happening on the university front I Pride of Britain Tanya Weaver experiences Bentley at its best I Are we there yet? Wayfinding is all about problem solving, according to Joanna Anthony


Issue 79 I Graduate showcase The best from today's graduates I Better protected Jackie Maguire explains how to defend your ideas I Digital impact Catherine Lawford looks at how design could take a leading role in creating services


Issue 80 I Handle with care Children are precious - so baby carriers need to be well-thought-out. Jonathan Ward investigates a new range I Global identity Get the Remington look I Work of art Julian Wild travels North to see the Tenemos sculpture


Issue 81 I Making history Museum design is a mammoth task, as Philip Tufft explains I The future's calling Mike Farish on how partially sighted people can use telephones I Fully charged The future of electric vehicle charging is here


Issue 82 I All mod cons Alistair Welch looks at the latest concept from iconic British brand Mini I Striking statement Regeneration in Dundee is underway I Brazilian style Design with no limits all the way from Sao Paulo


Issue 83 I Making a stand Exhibition designers Spinning Clock tell us what works on the events circuit I Learning curve A round-up of top design programmes for budding young creatives
I Raising the game Gus Desbarats discusses design philosophy with Alistair Welch


Issue 84 I Ten out of ten Happy tenth birthday to newdesign magazine I Creating the future Theone Wilson speaks to top product designer Dick Powell I A colourful life Pantone give an overview of how colour trends have changed over the past ten years


Issue 85 I The real deal Alistair Welch takes a trip to Salzburg to learn more about design consultancy Kiska I Three and easy A motoring classic is reborn I Corporate culture Office furniture now has to work harder than ever before, as our visit to Orgatec reveals


Issue 86 I It's the product, stupid! Adrian Stokes wonders whether industrial design is losing its way I SAYL of the century Yves Behar's bridge-inspired new seating range I Evolution or revolution Branding trends in the packaging sector


Issue 87 I Fully furnished Theone Wilson discovers what's happening in the world of furniture and interiors I Serious fun Toy design is going traditional I Social butterfly The relationship between CAD software companies and social media


Issue 88 I Sustainability focus Responsibility in manufacturing, use of materials, lifecycle assessment and more I Valley boys Alistair Welch on entrepreneurship and innovation in Britain and America I Model machine Ogle Model's work with Jaguar


Issue 89 I Spirit of the age Mariel Brown and Karen Rosenkranz discuss the cultural zeitgeist forming in Milan I Born wanderer Design has taken Michael Young across the world - Theone Wilson discovers how I Super sellers What were the super brands of 2011?


Issue 90 I Life begins at 40 Fashion brand Mulberry give Alistair Welch an overview of their luxury handbags I
Sport in question How socially responsible design can promote participation in sport I Rule breaker Theone Wilson talks to revolutionary designer Paul Cocksedge

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